You're In the Spotlight......

Joseph/Jo-Anne Hil
Stolen Heart Ranch of Rescue
Miniature Horses & Chincoteague Ponies
Ballard, WV

We hope you can see the photos of our Chincoteague Ponies - our stallion resembles one in your Pony book..

The Wilcox Family

Dear Mr. Crinkleroot, Just wanted to say that our homeschool loves your books! We are teaching Gloria and Lucy, who are in Kindergarten and Preschool. I have chosen your nature guides for our natural science curriculum. We are studying a guide each month. This month we are reading Crinkleroots Guide to Knowing Animal Habitats. We are having so much fun! We have made fieldtrips to a meadow and a desert! Living in the Pacific Northwest we are fortunate to have all your covered habitats. We will be studying wetlands and forests next. When we go on our fieldtrips we bring our sketch book journals. The girls are becoming tuned into their natural surrounding and are getting better and better at spotting wildlife. They have developed a love of sketching too. Thank you Crinkleroot! Hope you enjoy our photos of our recent fieldtrips.

The Maccini Family

Our family used to do an annual kite flying day. We had 3 teams and the first one to put the kite up 1000 feet won. One year my family created a Crinkleroot kite, we didn't get itup 1000 feet but we did make Crinkleroot fly and it was a hit.